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Fox Point Project

For this Fox Point Project property, we first met with the homeowner to discuss their wants to revamp their old landscape for something new. We came up with a plan for the work that they were looking to have completed.

After discussing the details, we created a 3D landscape design of the plants and walkways to be installed that enhanced the look and feel to the home. The homeowner was looking for some ideas on installing new walkways in the front of their home. They decided to go with a more modern style walkway to add curb appeal to their landscape.

We started getting to work by first tearing out the old walkways and killing off the weeds. After the debris was removed from the site we graded the area for the new walkways to be installed.

After creating a level surface we installed Unilock Bristol Valley XL pavers into the turf. Then we seeded and fertilized so that luscious green grass would grow in between and around the paver block. This style walkway offers a lot less maintenance where you can mow right over the top and not have to line trim.

We selected specific vibrant plants that work well with the microclimates of the landscape. The homeowner wanted evergreens installed in the backyard to be used for blockage. We decided upon installing arborvitaes to add privacy to the yard.

Once the walkways were installed we planted all the plants and arborvitaes from the design.

Before & Afters (slide center arrows to reveal)

Completed Work

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